Laser Tattoo Removal in Los Angeles, CA

Tattoos have been used as a form of self-expression for centuries and are more popular today than ever. People all over the world wear body art to express their passion, feelings, memories, and thoughts. However, more often times than not, these things change over time, while the tattoos stay permanent reminders of things that once were. Fortunately, people with tattoo regret now have a solution to get rid of their unwanted ink once and for all – laser tattoo removal!

Unlike other removal methods, laser tattoo removal uses light energy to selectively remove tattoo ink particles without causing damage to any of the surrounding skin tissue. It does this by sending wavelengths of light through the skin where the ink is trapped. The tattoo ink particles selectively absorb the laser light and instantly shatter. You will visibly see the tattoo fade in the weeks following a treatment as your body’s immune naturally works to flush out the shattered ink particles. At Plush Derma Laser & Skin Clinic, we guarantee we’ll give you results that will leave you feeling satisfied and refreshed!

Our Advanced Astanza Duality Technology

One of our main goals at Plush Derma Laser & Skin Clinic is to make sure we invest in the best technology for our patients. Technology is a vital component when it comes to performing effective treatments and achieving the best results. We’ve invested in the Astanza Duality laser to better serve our patients and their skin.

Our Duality laser was manufactured by Astanza, the experts in tattoo removal technology. It is specially engineered to permanently erase ink faster and more efficiently than any other traditional laser. This Q-switched Nd:YAG laser emits light energy in ultra-short pulses and through two of the most trusted wavelengths for better performance and ultimate ink clearance – even on multi-colored tattoos! Patients of all skin types can be safely treated with our Duality. 

The Astanza Duality at Plush Derma Laser & Skin Clinic delivers the best results in all of El Monte and Los Angeles. Better technology leads to faster treatments and unparalleled results for clearer, natural-looking skin.


What to Expect 

During your free consultation, your tattoo will be assessed and we will provide both an estimate of how many sessions you will need and a quote for treatment.

The number of treatments needed depends on a number of factors and varies for each patient:

  •      Age
  •      Size
  •      Color(s)
  •      Density of ink
  •      Type of tattoo (professional or homemade)
  •      Patient health
  •      Other factors

Most tattoos need between 5 to 10 treatments before seeing complete removal, whereas other tattoos may only need between 3 to 5 treatments. Treatment sessions are spaced a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks to allow your skin to heal completely before receiving another treatment. This is for your skin’s safety and to ensure you receive the best possible results.

Patients should be prepared to invest months of their time to removing their tattoo, as laser tattoo removal is a process. That said, our powerful Astanza Duality laser is able to shatter more ink at each session, meaning fewer overall treatments for you. 

The most common side effects that patients encounter are temporary redness, swelling, scabbing, and blistering. All of these side effects are temporary and are positive signs that your body is responding well to the treatment. We advise patients to leave all blisters and scabs alone, as meddling with them disrupts the healing process. If you are worried or concerned about any side effects, please don’t hesitate to call us. One of our expert laser technicians will be happy to walk you through our easy-to-follow aftercare instructions.

Before & After Photos

Results are what matter at Plush Derma Laser Clinic. All of our tattoo removal procedures are performed with the industry-leading Astanza Duality technology. We can remove your tattoo to completion or even fade it in preparation for a cover-up tattoo. Below you can see many before and after pictures of successful results achieved with our Astanza Duality laser. We can give you better results in fewer treatments than any other tattoo removal clinic in El Monte, California.

All of the pictures featured on this page are 100% real and were completed with our Astanza Duality laser. Your skin is what matters most to us at Plush Derma Laser Clinic. Call us today to schedule your free consultation and we’ll make your tattoo a thing of the past!